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Photoetch Industries Ltd. - Machining

Photoetch Industries in Christchurch produces components other manufacturers are unable to do, due to complexity or to the variety of processes required for the job.

Our strength is to involve other processes to speed manufacture and reduce your costs. We have the capacity to:

  • etch blanks and form in the press either individually or in strips
  • die cut and emboss nameplate work we have printed
  • do our own surface finishing
  • machine and press printed circuit work
  • place P.E.M. inserts in circuit boards, etched metal and machined extrusions
  • tap from M2 upward using fluteless taps

Capacity is built around a guillotine, Bridgeport mill, 500mm lathe, a 13 ton press, two vibratory finishing machines, and tin plating and chromating lines.

We work in aluminium, copper, brass and plastics.:

Dimensional control is from ±0.02mm, typically ±0.15mm. A 'large' part is 500mm long, and a small one 5mm.

The key to success is documentation, sharp tools and superb jigs.

Machining Aluminium
Machining Aluminium
Machining Aluminium