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Photoetch Industries Ltd. - Graphics Manufacture

Photoetch Industries in Christchurch, New Zealand uses metalwork and screen printing techniques to manufacture many types of graphic work on a variety of substrates.

We use our expertise, acquired in printed circuit manufacture and chemical milling, in the manufacture of nameplates.

Our graphic products include:

  • polycarbonate and polyester panels in an array of colours
  • embossed, die cut and with or without printed adhesives
  • aircraft panels with a full range of inserts and backlights
  • self adhesive PVC labels
  • product printing
  • oven dials
  • machines acrylic

We produce anodised aluminium panels in several colours accurately machined to size with or without additional metalworking.

Using chemical milling techniques an interesting range of etched metal nameplates can be produced.

Graphics Manufacture
Graphics Manufacture
Graphics Manufacture