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Photoetch Industries Ltd. - Circuit Boards

Photoetch Industries in Christchurch, New Zealand can supply rigid and flexible circuit boards bonded to aluminium to act as a heatsink, if required.

We supply single, double and flexible circuit boards. This work falls into two broad groups:

  • modest quantities (1-5000) of inexpensive boards coming off press tools, typically on single sided CEM laminates
  • boards that require close cooperation with customers; working to achieve dimensional control, delivery, rapid issue change, difficult work, grade of laminate, innovation etc. for example, a flexible board 9mm wide and 2000mm long

Circuit Boards
Circuit Boards

We can supply rigid and flexible boards bonded to aluminium to act as a heatsink. The aluminium can be fabricated in the usual way before or after component placement.

By etching conductor patterns from sheet copper 0.5 to 0.9mm, exceptionally heavy conductors can be placed on a printed circuit board, far more complex and less expensive than plating up.