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Photoetch Industries Ltd. - Chemical Milling

Photoetch Industries in Christchurch, New Zealand, uses a chemical milling process, the capabilities of which are almost unbelievable.

Chemical milling is a unique process that uses aggressive chemicals to remove unwanted metal. A special resist is printed onto both sides of a piece of metal sheet to cover the area required and the rest of metal is dissolved by chemicals to leave the desired shape. Radio frequency (RF) shields are easily made by this process.

We provide a fast and efficient chemical milling service. It is practical to go from receipt of artwork to ready for production in one day.

When compared to the cost of some press tools, the savings in time and cost are very high. An additional feature is the speed at which design changes can be made, and the cost of those changes.

There is no practical limit to the complexity of shape for your design, as the cost of fabrication is not governed by the perimeter; it is more an area function. Using a half etch from one side, the position bends can be closely controlled and bending forces reduced. Any thickness can be obtained by etching down a thicker sheet; step etching will produce a taper.

As the photographic masters are produced by computer the risk of error is negligible. On 0.2mm sheet, a tolerance of ±0.05mm is practical; on 0.5mm, 0.1mm; and on 0.9mm, 0.2mm.

Chemical Milling
Chemical Milling
Chemical Milling